Welder - Den Hartog Industries, Inc.

Den Hartog Industries, Inc.

Hospers, IA, USA

Welds metal parts with wire welding equipment as specified by work order. The majority of the production involves welding metal components to form hog confinement equipment including the fabrication of gates, feeders, and stalls, etc. as well as tank bases, stands, cradles, etc. for liquid storage tanks.



  1. Retrieves and organizes various metal components needed for work order.
  2. Positions components in jigs or fixtures on stands or drums; connects valves to fuel gas cylinders; activates flow of gases; uses wire welding gun according to specifications or type and thickness of metal.
  3. Holds welding gun at proper angle to metal components and guides along weld joint applying molten wire to form weld. Examines weld for bead size and other specification.
  4. Lays out, positions, and tack welds product. Welds along weld lines.
  5. Chips or grinds off excess weld, slag, or splatter.
  6. Once assembled, removes product by hand or forklift to other areas of the plant for additional finish work. Operates forklift and other material handling equipment as needed.
  7. Uses computer system to clock in and out of jobs and record any needed information.
  8. Works as member of DHI Team, handling whatever assignments are necessary to meet production schedule. Assignments may include welding, painting, shearing, working in other divisions, etc.
  9. Projects enthusiasm about the company through positive interactions with others, including internal and external customers.
  10. Complies with company policies.

Location: Hospers, IA, USA

Type: Full Time

Open: Friday May 13th

Close: Monday June 13th 2022