Mill Creek Machining

Mill Creek Machining logo119 North Willow Street
PO Box 492
Paullina, Iowa 51046
{712} 949-3857

2915 A Avenue East
Spencer, Iowa 52031
{712} 580-3857



Inside the shop at Mill Creek Machining

Mill Creek Machining (MCM) is a contract machine shop with locations in Paullina and Spencer, IA. We make parts for our customers to assemble in their products. MCM does not manufacture its own product at the present time.

MCM is a company small enough to give great attention to detail for our customers but at the same time large enough to be able to buy raw materials a competitive rate to give our customers a good price. Our employees are all focused on what's best for the company and the customer. We also have new enough equipment that the employees know they can count on the machines to do what they need them to.

Our main goal is to never miss a deadline. Be sure deadlines are reasonable when the order is taken. Have adequate inventory and supplies on hand or on the way. Keep the machinery in good working order and keep good maintenance practices. Line up sufficient labor to complete orders in a timely manner. Keep face with all customers.

Northwest Iowa Locations

Paullina, IA

Spencer, IA




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