Programming Tech


Senior Level

Programming Techs design, develop, or modify computer programs to communicate with automatic machine tools, equipment, or systems, such as Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software. They direct or assist other machinists, technicians, and assemblers in the set-up and operation of complex computer-controlled machines and robots.

Programming techs combine the knowledge of machining and computers to create the parts and pieces necessary to build products in a wide range of industries from household items to space shuttles. 

Typical Education/Training: Associate’s Degree

Work Experience: 8+ years 

Wage Range: $15 - $32/hour

Knowledge & Skills: 

  1. Reading Technical Drawings and Prints
  2. Mathematics, Physics, and Measuring
  3. Design and Drafting Programs (CAD/CAM)
  4. Operational Sequences and Monitoring
  5. Revising and Retesting Programs
  6. Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Similar Roles/Titles: Machine Tool Programmer, CNC Programmer, Integrated Machinist Programmer, CAD/CAM Programmer, Machining Manager, Tech, Technician, CNC/Robotic Welder Support Tech, Lead Mahinist, Maintenance Rep

Career Interest Types: CIA - Conventional, Investigative, Artistic


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