Entry Level

Independently construct, assemble, or rebuild an entire product or components to be used to finish a product. Identify and take action to resolve machine or equipment down times and other causes for production delays. Inspect, operate, and test completed products to verify functioning, machine capabilities, or conformance to customer specifications.

Typical Education/Training: High School Diploma/HSED

Work Experience: 0-3 years 

Wage Range: $13 - $23/hour

Knowledge & Skills: 

  1. Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  2. Mechanical Tools and Equipment
  3. Design and Manufacturing Processes
  4. Production and Processing
  5. Safety and Quality Control
  6. Attention to Detail

Similar Roles/Titles: Fabrication and Assembly Technician, Mechanical Assembler, Product Assembler, Independent Assembler, Production Worker, Assembly, Production Tech, Assembler/Tester, Secondary Operations

Career Interest Types: RCI - Realistic, Conventional, Investigative

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