Inventory Management Tech

Entry Level

Inventory management techs manually move freight, stock, and other materials or perform other general labor in a manufacturing or distribution center.

They attach tags or mark containers with identifying information. Read work orders and record numbers of units stored, handled, or moved with production and tracking sheets or tickets.

Managing the complex process of incoming and outgoing shipments efficiently and effectively is both challenging and rewarding. Individuals who are organized, get along well with others, and have lots of energy often do well in thiese fast-paced careers.

Inventory Management Techs are considered Transportation and Logistics occupations. It's one of the most rapidly expanding sectors of the manufacturing industry. There are many exciting possibilities for long-term growth and career advancement. Many entry-level careers require a high school diploma or equivalent, but advancement will require additional technical training and credentials, such as a fork lift certification or Commercial Drivers's License (CDL).

Typical Education/Training: High School Diploma/HSED 

Work Experience: 0-3 years  

Wage Range: $14 - $22/hour

Knowledge & Skills:

  1. Comprehend and Follow Instructions
  2. Gather and Analyze Data
  3. Computers and Technology
  4. Materials Inspection and Monitoring
  5. Communication and Critical Thinking
  6. Safety and Quality Control

Similar Roles/Titles: Dock Worker, Materials Tender, Merchandise Pickup/Receiving Associate, Shipping and Receiving Materials Handler, Warehouse Worker, Parts Room Tech

Career Interest Types: REI - Realistic, Enterprising, Investigative


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