Mid Level

Machinists set up, operate, and monitor computer-numerical-controlled (CNC) machines or robots to create or customize precision metal and plastic parts for use in the final assembly of products. Using technical drawings and readings from various gauges and monitors, they make adjustments to maintain a high level of quality, safety, and precision at all times.

Machinists work with a variety of precision machines such as lathes, milling machines, drills, and grinders to fabricate precision parts. Many modern manufacturers also now use advanced technology – like robotics or 3D printers – to create unique and complex parts that have not been possible or too expensive to create on a large scale. 

Typical Education/Training: Technical Certificate/Diploma

Work Experience: 4-7 years 

Wage Range: $15 - $27/hour

Knowledge & Skills:

  1. Attention to Detail and Analytical Thinking
  2. Information Gathering and Monitoring
  3. Safety and Quality Control
  4. Making Decisions and Problem Solving 
  5. Reading Technical Drawings and Prints
  6. Advanced Computers and Software

Similar Roles/Titles: CNC Machine Tool Operator, CNC Machine Operator, CNC Operations Technician, CNC Operators, CNC Mill Operator, Fab Tech

Career Interest Types: RCI - Realistic, Conventional, Investigative


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