LVO Manufacturing

808 North 2nd Avenue East
Rock Rapids, Iowa 5124
{712} 472-3734



Lambert Van Olst certainly believed that "necessity is the mother of invention." As a local baker, Lambert worked with an engineer in the late 1970's to perfect a design for commercial dishwashers capable of washing the 140-quart bowls, baking pans, and bread racks he used in his bakers. Val Olst began by selling these pan washers to small retail bakeries and restaurants, then expanded into the bakeries in chain stores.
In 1980, he founded LVO and produced his first low-cost pan washer. Today, LVO Manufacturing, Inc., located in Rock Rapids, Iowa, offers pan and rack washers, sheeter/moulders, and production tables - products which will make any bakery operation more efficient.
At present, LVO Manufacturing has over 30 employees who manufacture several models of stainless steel bakery equipment. The company ships nationally and internationally to retail and wholesale bakeries, grocery chains, and foodservice companies.



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