NWICC Mfg Career Programs





Design Technology

The Northwest Iowa Community College Design Technology Program bridges the gap between production and engineering. Graduates will learn machining as well as computer-aided drafting. The program involves extensive "hands-on" and "hands-off" machining applications in both manual and computer-aided manufacturing. 

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Engineering Design

Engineering Design students will be trained on current Computer-Aided Drafting and Parametric modeling software to prepare detailed working drawings for the manufacturing industry. They will take these drawings and make "life sensitive" parts that are critical in everything from tractors to medical equipment to jet engines. 

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Production Welding

The Production Welding diploma program emphasizes alll major welding and cutting processes. Includes hands-on knowledge of metallurgy, blueprint reading, the properties and identification of metals, welding symbols, and repair procedures. The program offers students the opportunity to train for certification of structural pipe using mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum in AWS (American Welding Society), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), and API (American Petroleum Industry Codes. 

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Industrial Implementation and Control

Instrumentation and Control technicians solve electrical, electronic, and computer problems using their minds and hands. These technicians install, upgrade, maintain, and repair automated equipment in industries that produce everything from appliances, medical equipment, ethanol and electric power. As an Instrumentation and Control student you learn calibration and control of industrial process equipment. You learn about process variables such as motor speed, temperature control, humidity control, pressure, level, and flow rate.


To enter this high-tech program you should have an interest in problem solving. The program has high school options and part-time schedules available. The program includes a 42-day Internship in the fall semester of the second year.

NCC has the only Industrial Instrumentation and Control program in Iowa. Partnerships with several area industries allow greater learning opportunities, and the diversity of the program allows you a wide choice of employment after you graduate. There is a critical shortage of people who are trained in Industrial Instrumentation and Control. Graduates are working in food processing facilities, manufacturing plants, electrical power generating plants, ethanol plants, and more.

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