Stacker/Inspector - Hood Packaging Corporation

Hood Packaging Corporation

Sibley, IA, US

Hood Packaging is currently recruiting for a 3rd Shift Stacker Inspector for our Sibley, IA facility.  We are a team that strives to be here for each other, get it right the first time, and get better every day.

Hood Packaging Corporation has a rich history in North America as a leader in the packaging industry. From day one, our company has been at the forefront in the design and manufacture of a wide range of packaging materials. Our goal at Hood Packaging is to provide a product that is manufactured in a safety-conscious environment with attention to high quality, timeliness, and that consistently exceeds safe quality food standards.  We are able to meet our goal every day because we employ some of the best packaging people in the industry. We couldn't succeed without our dedicated employees. If you are looking for more than just a job and you want a career, consider Hood Packaging Corporation.  

Desired Qualifications:





1.       Good basic math, reading, writing and verbal communication skills.  


2.       Be able to stand/walk 90% of the time, up to four hours at a time.


3.       Be able to lift/carry 5-15 lbs. 90% of the time and up to 35 lbs. occasionally.


4.       Be able to handle repetitive tasks 80% of the time.  


5.       Grasp and handle stacks of bags.


6.       Good vision and hand/eye coordination.


7.       Read and write basic English.


8.       Teamwork skills: work closely within the department and with other departments.


9.       Cooperation and flexibility: be willing to work in other areas of the plant when the need arises.







Accurate inspection and packing of the product assure that the customer receives the product in good condition and  

supports our quality philosophy. The customer's first impression of our product and of the company is of the incoming pallet.

Neat, square pallets that are free of quality defects will result in a positive response to the Sibley plant.


Hood Packaging Corporation is an equal opportunity employer and considers applications for all positions without regard to race, gender, religion, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, the presence of a non-job-related medical condition or handicap or any other legally protected status.






1.    Inspect bags for print quality, proper lamination, proper end closure, skip stitches, glue application, etc.     

2.    Reclaim defective bags as needed       


3.    Communicate with operators as defects are found, to prevent continued flaws.       


4.       Stack bags according to the proper stack pattern.


5.       Maintain accurate product counts.


6.       Maintain baling line supplies such as boxes, pallets labels, etc.  


7.       Keep the work area clean; sweep, pick up, etc.


8.       Label pallets and record pallet counts for production documentation.  


9.       Complete work cards to accurately describe work that was performed.






1.    Accumulate bags on inspection table.  Lift and shuffle bags to get a neat pile.     


2.    Fan bags by keeping one end of the handful stationary, while watching the other end for defects.       

3.    Pull out defective bags and replace with good bags to keep pallet counts correct.       


4.     In some instances, entire stack of bags is inspected, with 1/2 split in half and turned 180 degrees before stacking.

Location: Sibley, IA, US

Type: Active Full-time

Open: Friday June 17th

Close: Sunday July 17th 2022